We currently use Harvard Graphics 4.0 for on a 233mhz Pentium Pro and we can accept Harvard Graphics .prs files. You should let us know if you used a different version of Harvard Graphics to create the presentation, as Harvard will open older versions.

Harvard Graphics sets the shape of the image from the default printer that is chosen, and text and pictures move around when printers are changed. To see what your 35mm slides will look like and have no surprises on text placement, you should install a printer that has the same paper shape as a 35mm slide. If you do not have a printer that offers a page that is 35mm slide shape (3 units wide by 2 units high), a good way to get very close to the right shape is to use the "Executive" size paper (7.25 x 10.5 inches) which is available on the HP Laserjet III. You may not have a Laserjet III, but the printer driver came with Windows, so install the driver anyway, just as though you did have the printer. You never need to print anything to it, so it really does not matter. When you create your file in Harvard Graphics, go to the drop-down menu in the upper left of your screen; choose "File," then "PrintSetup." Choose "Laserjet III" as your printer, then choose "Executive" as the paper size, and "Landscape" as the orientation. Also from the "File," drop down menu, choose "Presentation Setup." Choose "slides" as the format and "landscape" as the orientation. Choose "Executive" as the paper and "0.00" for all margins. Do not worry if Harvard resets the margins, we just want them the minimum amount. Then, when you are finished your presentation, just save a standard .prs file and send it to us. We have available all the fonts which came with Harvard Graphics 3.0 as well as with Windows 3.1 and Windows95, but let us know which fonts you have used so that we can be sure they are all installed when we image your slides.

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