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  • Getting your message across in person

    • Sometimes the best way to get your message across is by being there. The complexity of communicating current issues requires clear and powerful presentations. KBC NET has been developing electronic and 35mm slide presentations for more than 15 years.
    • We develop slides, video, and computer projection programs, using a wide variety of graphic arts and presentation tools.
    • We function as a service bureau for agencies and businesses, shooting slides from their presentation software.
    • Home and Heart We specialize in multimedia presentations for weddings, retirement and anniversery events honoring an individual with images from their lives. Services include concept development, photograph and slide scanning, editing, and projection at your event. We specialize in the software and equipment below.

    • Tips on creating good slide presentations
    • Things to remember when making PowerPoint slides with our system.
    • Things to remember when making Harvard Graphics slides

      Projection and Display Equipment

      Currently in use:
    • Ektagraphic IIIa slide projectors
    • AVL and Crystal Light Fade Dissolve Units for multi projector projects
    • video and data projectors with 1024X768 XVGA adapter
    • 8mm and 16mm film projectors
    • standard and large free-standing projection screens
    • Video conferencing in cooperation with the state KTLN System.
    • On site computer-based multimedia presentations including full motion video.
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    Applying current technology and techniques
    for communicating your message to the world

    Contact: Ken Cooke
    639 Cardinal Lane
    Lexington, Kentucky, 40503