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  • KBC NET Service Prices
    Call us for a free, no obligation consultation. 859-940-8234
    Or E-mail us at ken.cooke@kbcnet1.com

    • Each project is as unique as each customer. call us and we will talk to you about your plans and fully explain any service options might choose.
    • You only pay for exactly what you need to get the job done.
    • We can save you time by letting us handle the details.
    • Due to years of experience in providing these services, we can provide specific estimates before work begins.

    Internet Marketing Special: Get your business on-line for $189.00


    • A year's Domain name registry. (Get www."yourchoice".com)
    • Setting up web hosting arrangements.
    • Home page design with your artwork and existing business graphics.
    • Up to three additional linked web pages to provide information to your customers.
    • Customer feedback page providing your contact information.
    • On-Line Marketing strategy consultation.
    • Call us for details.
    Additional Web Development Services available at $30.00/hour
    Applying current technology and techniques
    for communicating your message to the world

    Contact: Ken Cooke
    639 Cardinal Lane
    Lexington, Kentucky, 40503