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    • Bringing documents to life

    • "The concept should jump from the page into their heads before they can stop it!" We develop educational materials and training documents for government and private organizations using Wordperfect, and Microsoft Word for text editing with Adobe Pagemaker for layout and design. By using the Adobe Acrobat PDF conversion utility, we can transport documents directly to the World Wide Web
    • We also specialize in coversion of legacy documents to current formats. Pictured above are our collection of publication workstations, including Xerox, Apple, Macintosh, DOS, and Windows workstations with a variety of software applications. Our motto is "from any format, to any format. We use both Mac and Intel workstations with output to standard copy services for black and white copies and connections to commercial printers for color work.
    • Many of our publications are related to the public education, and community outreach projects such as brochures, fact sheets and newsletters.
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    Applying current technology and techniques
    for communicating your message to the world

    Contact: Ken Cooke
    639 Cardinal Lane
    Lexington, Kentucky, 40503