We currently run Powerpoint 4.0 and 97 (8.0) and 2000 formats. We can accept Powerpoint .ppt files from either a PC or a Mac. You should let us know which version of Powerpoint you used to create the presentation as we prefer to open it in the appropriate version if possible. (Mac Powerpoint files are supposed to be platform-independent and open correctly on the PC. When you create your file, go to the drop-down menu in the upper left of your screen; choose "File," then "Slide Setup." Set "Slides sized for 35mm slides" and "Landscape Orientation."

screen shot of setup box

If you use a different size, you end up with 35mm slides which have black areas on two sides, unless you ask us to correct them for you. If you create your presentation for an On-screen Show, and then later change the shape to 35mm Slide, you must go back and look at the placement of the text and the line breaks on each image, as Powerpoint will make some changes automatically, and you may not like all of them.

When you embed an object (such as a graph) in Powerpoint slides, you should use the "Ungroup" command in the "Draw" drop-down menu to be sure they image correctly on our system.

screen capture of menu

When you save your file, go to the drop-down menu in the upper left of your screen; choose "File," then "Save As." Put a check mark in the box "Embed True Type."

screen shot of save as box

Note that some type designers do not want you to be able to embed their fonts and make it impossible for you to do so, but make the attempt. We have installed on our machine all the fonts which came with all of these versions of Powerpoint as well as with Windows 3.1, Windows95 and Windows 2000. (If you use a Mac, remember that characters which are not letters or numbers print differently on the PC.)

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